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Baby Mama is a concept simply translated as being “a mother who is not married to her child’s father”.it is a practice that has grown into a trend amongst male celebrities and entertainers. Typically, we like to learn and borrow a lot from our western counterparts. It begun with a certain rich sportsman who got […]

Posted by Temiloluwa Ogundele / On October 5, 2017

Electric cars likely to be the cause of the next oil Crisis

Technology keeps discovering cost effective means to making life easy so what’s the point of relying on backward alternatives. This is not far-fetched from what tends to be the fate of oil in few years to come; with the rise of electric cars. Electric cars are gradually becoming a trend in the automobile industry and […]

Posted by Temiloluwa Ogundele / On October 3, 2017

Discover the world’s new largest Aircraft and its features

Paul Alen obsession with rocketry might have led him quite far as his company Stratolaunch, a private spaceflight company recently puts its colossal airplane engines to test. The plane which was initially unveiled in May has the largest wingspan spreading across 386 feet (typically longer than a professional football field) and weighs 500,000 Ibs. The […]

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Image Credit:   By: Jennifer Nagu   Traveling by air with children can be a pretty daunting experience, especially in cases where delays and further delays are encountered. When you consider the hassles of checking-in, passing through airport security, navigating your way to your gate and finally getting on your flight, you realise you require […]

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Image Credit: By: Tony Ogunlowo   With President Trump “locked and loaded” and the North Korean leader having a re-think about attacking Guam, the rest of the world can breathe a sigh of relief – at least for now. Never a week goes by that North Korea doesn’t launch another ICBM taunting America, South Korea […]

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How to Survive Your First Year as A Startup?

By: Piotr Zaniewicz, Running a 70+ amazing team at RightHello via Quora     I launched RightHello almost 3 years ago. The company did not only survive – it grew from 1 to 70+ people. Let me share some lessons I’ve learnt from that. Build a dream team around you You can pull off a one-man […]

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Machine Learning: Basics and Takeaways

Image Credit:   By:  Andriy Okhrimets Machine Learning techniques can help modern businesses run much more efficiently and in a more predictable way. In this article, I am going to scratch the surface of machine learning basics and explain what the key takeaways are for business owners.   Before we get started, let’s try to […]

Posted by Ayodeji Obademi / On July 18, 2017

The Quality of Mercy

by  Tony Ogunlowo It’s good to show mercy so that mercy can be shown on to you. “……the quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from Heaven. Upon the place beneath it. It is twice blessed. It blesseth him that gives and him that takes………………..” So goes the immortal words […]

Posted by Ayodeji Obademi / On July 4, 2017

Internet-of-Things Will Differentiate How Businesses Run

Image Source: Wired UK   The internet of things in often known as a classic model for the connection of machine to machine and machine to human. Sensors embedded into machines and humans will allow them harness data that can then be used to interact with other devices. IoT brings numerous opportunities to our current […]

Posted by Ayodeji Obademi / On May 22, 2017

Internet of Things

One of the buzz words around the internet technology space is the Internet of Things. Everyone seems to be talking about this. Startups and big4s in industries of various sectors are investing heavily in this new technology.   Imagine in a kitchen: the refrigerator senses that the volume of the milk is low or about […]