Posted by Ayodeji Obademi / On May 16, 2017

Health Tips for the Rainy Season

It is the season of precipitation again for the whole country. However, the southern region of Nigeria is going through its first rainfall maxima—beginning from sometime in March to the end of July with a peak in June. The second rainfall maxima begins around early September and lasts till mid-October; with a peak period at […]

Posted by Ayodeji Obademi / On May 11, 2017

Broken Marriages & Domestic Violence

Image Credit:   Recent times have witnessed a notable surge in the publicised cases of domestic violence in this clime and others. Oftentimes, cases of domestic violence are linked to separation and divorce—with women largely being the abuse victims. In fewer cases, men are subjected to violent abuse and/or murder by their partners. Some of […]

Posted by Ayodeji Obademi / On May 9, 2017

Water Transportation in Lagos

Lagosians are increasingly abandoning chaotic road transport routes, and embracing easier, safer means of water transportation, using watercraft like ferries, to travel from Lagos Island to some parts of the mainland (Ikorodu). Ferrying has made it easier and quicker for commuters to keep appointments and go about their normal business on the island while avoiding […]

Posted by Ayodeji Obademi / On May 2, 2017

Happy Anniversary Lagos, Happy Anniversary Nigeria

May 2017 is a special month, not only because of the festivities attached to Nigeria’s nascent democracy, but also because of Lagos State’s Golden Jubilee. In modern society, eighteen (18) years signifies the attainment of adulthood for a person; and as a sovereign entity, Nigeria will—for the first time since its independence—achieve 18 years of […]

Posted by Ayodeji Obademi / On April 27, 2017

Suicide and Anti-suicide Laws in Nigeria

In 2003, world values survey ranked Nigerians among the happiest people in the world. This was in-spite of the glaring challenges confronting Nigerian people. Recently, the United Nation (UN) released a report in which Nigerians were ranked the sixth happiest people in Africa and the 95th in the world. With these reports, these assertions have […]

Posted by Ayodeji Obademi / On April 24, 2017

Work-Culture Keys for Leaders

The fact that leaders require excellent soft-skills in organisations is known, but sometimes overlooked due to the dearth of excellent technical skills for highly skilled jobs in organisations. Some of these soft skills are leadership-based, and very essential for wielding positive influence over teams.   A leader who appreciates a team-member’s attitude & efforts infers […]

Posted by Ayodeji Obademi / On April 18, 2017

Selfless Service

It is an unfortunate fact that many people today will not consistently help others without expecting something in return.  People are understandably committed to their own daily needs, families, and friends, often helping each other whenever appropriate.  This of course is what it should be between families and friends. However, it should extend far beyond […]

Posted by Ayodeji Obademi / On April 10, 2017

Concerning Easter and Its Traditions

Easter is a Christian festival which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You will observe that is celebrated on different dates each year. This is because Easter falls on the Sunday that follows the first full moon after the vernal equinox (the day on which day and night are the same lengths). This date varies […]

Posted by Ayodeji Obademi / On April 4, 2017

April Fools’ Day History

April Fools’ Day has been celebrated by various cultures in various climes, which gave it different tags for various reasons over the previous millennium; however, it became increasingly popularized by the English in the 18th century. Scotland was host to a two-day program, which was regularly commenced with the event “hunting the gowk.” Unsuspecting people […]

Posted by Ayodeji Obademi / On March 31, 2017

Yaba Lagos…Nigeria’s Silicon Valley

Image Source:   According to Reuter’s reports, Yaba is like many other parts of Nigeria’s sprawling commercial capital: a cacophony of car horns and shouting street vendors, mingling with exhaust fumes and the occasional stench of sewage. It is now interesting to know the same Yaba that inherits all the rugged features of Lagos is […]